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3 Inch Ordnance Rifle

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First developed and patented in 1855 and improved upon in 1861, the 3" Ordnance Rifle was a very effective piece of artillery. The U.S. Government ordered more than a 1,000 of the cannons, most of which were produced in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. Using the Schenkl or Hotchkiss patent shells this weapon was accurate and very effective in the field. The battle at Antietam, fought September 17th, 1862, fielded 94 Ordnance Rifle's for the Union and 40 for the Confederates. At Gettysburg under Gen Meade, the Union having 360 guns, 141 were 3" Ordnance Rifles. Made of wrought iron, the tube weighing in at 916 lbs made this a strong weapon, lightweight and mobile. Many made their way to the west during the Indian Wars. Many are found throughout the west in forts and museums.

1/3 Scale: $4,950


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